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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> home at last. tonight, this san jose couple was finally back in the bay area with their new baby after a month long legal nightmare in mexico. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. it is a journey we have been following for days. tonight, we were there as the family touched down at sfo with their new baby boy. christy and haseeb were greeted by family members add they returned to the bay area with their new baby. this was the first chance they got to meet three week old baby grayson. he was immediately scooped into the loving arms of family members. >> he was so good on the plane.
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>> i can't believe they are back. >> they were there for emotional support everyday. >> it was tough. >> reporter: one day, grayson will learn about his parent's quest to have a baby and their journey to bring him home. a journey that started in tabasco mexico with a surrogate. a wonderful experience until the couple was denied a birth certificate to bring grayson home after he was born. the couple spent weeks stuck in mexico. >> we just want to get home. >> reporter: we first met the couple when they were skypeing from their hotel room in mexico city. our story brought attention to the family's desperate plea for help. >> i was apprehensive about seeing them there. i truly, truly, thought they were going to be stuck there longer than this. and i'm so glad. i am probably happier that they are home than they are and you made all the difference in the world. >> reporter: surrogacy is legal
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in tabasco, but a change in administration put a halt to birth certificate for surrogate babies like grayson. they showed us grayson's ticket to come hope, a birth certificate and a passport. the best gift christy could ask for on mother's day to be home with her baby. >> there is so much love in their hearts and my heart. i'm so happy be tourists be on american soil. i love the san francisco bay area. it is an amazing feeling. >> and tonight, grayson is sleeping, hopefully, in his crib at home for the first time. >> we like happy endings. a look at an unusual sight. no cars driving across the san mateo bridge and the weekend closure moving into its second night. the bridge is getting something of a makeover. as we show you the bridge, we bring in betty yu with more on the drivers who are really
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feeling the effect. betty? >> reporter: that's right brian. i'm on brian street near the second street onramp to the bay bridge which is really taking the brunt of this closure. if you take a look behind me, you will see some of the gridlock at this hour. that has been the story all day long. it has been a real mess getting in and out and around the city. it seemed like no matter what hour we checked on the bay bridge, it looked like this today. and on city streets, we ran into many of this. >> crowded. real crowded. [ laughter ] >> this is the first time the san mateo bridge is closed for repairs including resurfacing. >> caltrans is very happy with the work happening right now on the san mateo hayward bridge. our construction crews are on schedule. the weather has been cooperative with us. we are on time. they are being really safe out there and we are just really happy with the progress happening now. >> the closure through a wrench in some plans this mother's day
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weekend. it also drew huge crowds to the city. john peterson ended up arriving late to dinner. >> it was a nightmare because the san mateo bridge was closed and there was tons of traffic all over the place. >> we went online and saw that the san mateo bridge was closed so we quickly got the kids hopped in and drove over the bay bridge. and it wasn't horrible at 4:30, but it was crowded. >> traffic is a little heavier than usual. we expected this traffic. and again, that is just something we expected because we were taking up the main line of the san mateo bridge out of service right now so we can do the maintenance. >> reporter: and caltrans says everything is moving along according to schedule. and the bridge will reopen monday at 5:00. the driver should prepare for another closure on memorial day weekend. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. >> thank you betty. the vta says it is having a hard time keeping up with all
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the action at levi stadium. they say it will cost them more than $3 million a year to handle stadium events. an amount that is not sustainable in the long run. they have asked the city of santa clara for help. but they said no. now, they are asking for a huge fare increase for bus undelighted rail service. round trip tickets could climb as high as $20. an emergency water summit tapped local leaders on how to fight the drought. recycling is one of the big topics of discussion that would involve a big process to filter and purify the water but they had a much bigger picture in mind. >> one of our goals is to get everyone in shape for the governor's 30% reduction call. so we are coming up with strategies to achieve reduction in water use. >> the water supply is literally sinking. one of the basins it depends on
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has dropped 33 feet over the last year. and in this unprecedented drought, a water park might seem like a giant waste, but kpix5's mark kelly shows us one park in concord has found a way to save while keeping the pools full at the same time. >> reporter: water world kicked off its 20th season today with a splash. >> we want to be known as the park that takes the drought seriously. >> reporter: al garcia says his park wants to cut water waste 90% this yearened it is because of this machine. it sounds like the name of a water slide but it is not. the defender filters the water. it lasts the season. >> this is a new thing. we are one of the first to try them out. >> it is good they are trying to recycle the water. >> reporter: like golf courses,
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water parks have been in the spotlight for waste. they got a flood of grief. but at water world, they are riding a new wave. astro turf replaces grass, the plants aren't getting watered, and the pool water never wasted, always recycled. >> technically, you could drink out of them. but there is chlorine in the pool so we advise not to drink it. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix5. it is a rare thing in politics, but today, a republican presidential candidate made a stop in san francisco. senator rand paul was here to open up a mini campaign office. he is borrowing office space in a building that caters to start- ups. paul spoke out against nsa spying and government intrusion in people's private lives. he is also enlisting a tech team to help his campaign. >> part of the reason i'm out here, not only are we going the have a great tech team, a place out here in san francisco,
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helping us to get votes. >> he is hoping his libertarian message will hit a nerve with bay voters. jeb bush did a bay area fundraiser last month. breaking news out of mississippi. two police officers have been shot and killed there. it happened during a traffic stop in studios city of hattysburg. there is a man hunt for two suspects. one who shot the officers and another who took their car. the vehicle was found abandoned a short time later. at least one person is dead after a pair of tornadoes touched down in texas. don champion shows us the aftermath. >> huge. wedge tornado on the ground. >> reporter: a storm chaser shot video of a tornado touching down near cisco west of dallas saturday. the twister damaged homes and ripped apart trees.
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a on the other hand watch was issued for nearly 50 counties in texas. a tornado was also captured on camera in western kansas. >> the threat was high in northern oklahoma earlier in the day, but eased as night fell. a relief for those in the state still recovering from the tornadoes that hit wednesday. >> i was at my store when the storm hit. so i watched the whole thing. oh, it was scary. because all the poles were snapping down. >> reporter: her oklahoma city neighborhood is littered with downed trees and branches that need to be removed. utility crews are working to restore power. don champion for cbs news, woodward, oklahoma. meanwhile, tropical storm ana is hours away from slamming into the coast of the carolinas. it is promising to deliver five inches of rain this weekending. power outages and flooding are expected. and to continue this weather team, 2015 is on track to set a new record as the hottest year ever.
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noaa says this past march was one of the warmest ever. while 2014 currently holds the title of warmest year, these new numbers give 2015 a chance to top it. the ten warmest years on record have all happened in the past two decades. meanwhile, the warriors seem to be cooling off. they dropped another game tonight to the memphis grizzlies. >> draymond lost the handle! iguodala! >> that basket seal first- degree game. the grizzlies beat the warriors 99-89 and now lead the playoff series 2-1. fans packed into livermore to watch the team. they are confident the team will bounce back. >> i think gasol is handling it. it is their home court so you expect them to win this one. but we will go out with a split. >> the warriors have a chance to even up the series on monday
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in memphis, vern glenn will have all the highlights plus reaction from the player ins sports. still ahead, a bay area police officer who died in the line of duty kept right on saving living. the organ transplant that brought this man back from the brink of death and the unusual trait the two men shared that made the match possible. >> plus, this engineer's appetite was powerful enough to stop a freight train. the sudden snack attack
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>> one week ago tonight, a family tragedy in livermore. a suspected drunk driver lost control of his corvette. he slammed into and killed a woman and her 14 month old daughter. kpix5's christian hartnett shows us their family is now turning grief into action. >> we are here to honor these two beautiful people. >> reporter: dozens gathered at carnegie park this afternoon to remember esperanza morales rodriguez and her daughter. >> we want to shed light on esperanza and her daughter. >> reporter: the two were killed by a suspected drunk driver last weekend near this apartment complex in livermore. 35-year-old brian jones was arrested but has since bailed out of jail. earlier this week, he appeared at a pleasanton court.
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family members of the victim made sure he heard their cries of anger. >> you are a murder, a killer! >> reporter: the anger and frustration still showed this afternoon. >> i don't want this to happen to my family. this is stuff. this broke our hearts. >> reporter: family members peppered livermore police with questions about the ongoing investigation into the crash. >> we will sit here and answer questions until everybody's questions are answered. but really, the gathers today and the reason for being here today is to make sure that the family is the focus of attention. >> we all want answers, you know? we all want justice about this. you know. we can't just let it go. it's a broken family. >> reporter: jones will be back in court later this month. the family, meanwhile, back at the site of where this crash happened says funeral services for esperanza and yuydia will be held in seaside monday.
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christian hartnett, kpix5. >> no criminal charges have been filed yet because prosecutors are going over the case. a new survey found at any given time, some 660,000 drivers in the u.s. are using their cell phones. you see it all the time. driver after driver looking at their phone. it is already illegal in california and now, a minnesota senator will introduce legislation to pressure states to step up penalties for texting behind the wheel. well a train operator triggered an unusual case of road rage near los angeles. take a look. a driver caught one of the engineers stopped the train at a railroad crossing to make a food run. with cars waiting. he walks back to the train from the restaurant with a bag in his hand. >> i couldn't believe it. could not believe that he was ruining everybody's day and stopping us because he was hungry. >> the video was sent to union pacific and they sent a same
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apologizing for the inconvenience and management will take appropriate action. a livermore man had hours left to live when a fallen richmond police officer saved his life. more than six years later, the bond between the officer's family and the man who received his lungs is only getting stronger. >> are you going again this year? >> we are going to hawaii. >> reporter: susan moody and her two young dare haves a special connection to michael lave. >> he had 24 hours to live and their daddy saved his life. >> reporter: unforeseen strategy bringing them all together. >> when you see your girls talking to michael, what do you think? >> knowing he is alive because of their dad, it is bittersweet. >> reporter: six-and-a-half years ago, susan's husband, brad, a k-9 officer died in the line of duty. susan was left having to make a
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last minute decision she will never forget or regret. to donate her husband's lungs and other vital organs to save others. >> i feel like brad lives on through michael. >> it is a special connection. it really is. >> reporter: for michael, finding a lung match for his six foot nine build seemed next to impossible. >> i was confined to my bedroom. i couldn't stand more than five seconds in a time. >> he is six nine and they needed someone at least six flee three and above. brad was six four. it is amazing how life works. >> reporter: for michael, it was a life-saving match. and now, his goal is to live life to the fullest and pay it forward. >> get out and do things. do things for other people. meet people. have a care for people. you know. that is what it is all about. and, to represent a little bit of what brad might have wanted
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to have done. >> reporter: susan says michael is doing just that. and at times, she overhears her girls talking adoringly about their friend they call tall mike. >> mike has a part of her daddy. that is on a deeper level than you can put into words. >> reporter: her husband's life was to reach out and save others and for that, he is their hero. >> it give it is girls an idea of daddy still being here in the only way he can be. >> life is wonderful. >> cheese! >> reporter: well michael used to be a marathon runner. before his transplanted, he could barely walk. but in pleasantson, he complete first-degree ed the run to remember for fallen officers. >> that is an amazing story. we have fog and clouds moving into the shoreline in
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typical summertime fashion then a wrinkle in the forecast. by the end of the week. in the meantime, we look at the san mateo bridge. there is nobody out there, but caltrans and all the folks working to get that ready to be up and running at monday morning at 5:00 a.m. look at the numbers around the bay area. the fog will have cleared back to the shoreline. we will be in the mid 70s inland. here is what is happening. weak high pressure is built in over the west coast and we get mild temperatures with that. fog and low clouds near the shore. and this low pressure approaches from the gulf of alaska and it will cool things down and introduce the possibility of showers by friday. future cast shows the extent of low cloudiness. mostly sunny day on tap. by tomorrow night, fog gets pulled right back in over the golden gate. the peninsula, and berkeley. here is what we expect. relatively cool temperatures.
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patchy fog. it will be nice for sunday's streak in the mission district with forecast at 6 the second quarter. just about the same at the old ball yard as the giants take on the marlins. game time temp of 60 degrees. overnight lows tonight, about what we see this time of the year, 47 santa rosa, temperatures cooler than average in san francisco with 59 in the city. concord at 73. down in the south bay, sunshine and 75 degrees at morgan hill. over at brentwood, 79. pleasanton, aptly named, 73 degrees. fog and low clouds start the day in the north bay. sunshine will finish up. up and around ukiah and cloverdale, still warm. extended forecast, we will be having a fairly typical week with temperatures cooling down and a chance of showers friday. that is
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>> nba up top for the warriors. the numbers don't lie. league mvp. eight for 21 field. warriors, 17 turnovers. turned into 22 points. the warriors are in trouble. mike conley, the man in the lineup. grizzlies are not going to lose
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in the post season with him. memphis record in game three. 6-1, the crowd lovered it. memphis left side led by 16 at halftime. steph curry, a corner three. cut it to nine. the dub had a 15-5 run, but the grizzlies were running with their bigs. how about a luck shot three at the clock expired. 74-60. dubs rallied again after creating turnovers. here is harrison barnes. gliding hand for the bucket. it's a four-point game. just over three minutes left. but the night was like this for the grizzlies. seven foot two mark gasol. shot clock beating three. that is crazy. as my kids say, that's cray. they take game three taking a 2- 1 series lead with back to back wins. >> we competed in the second half. we got back in it. and again, some lack of poise,
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some critical turnovers that sort of stops our momentum. this is a learning process for us. we are a very young team. and, you know, this is kind of our moment of truth. >> it is frustrating but it is fun. it is definitely a challenge for us. everything is going great. on top of the world. and win game one. second round, obviously, you got hit in the mouth two times in a row. and it is important for us to answer that call. this is a huge challenge for us to come back. no mat hear is happening at this point. >> yeah, game four, tuesday. john wall of the nation's capital. ouch. 101--101 tie. paul pearce called game! buzzer beat tore win it! a game where they almost blew a
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21 point lead. washington wins it and they lead the series 2-1. whoa. let's step away for a moment before coming back. bay area baseball. lopsided ♪ ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... ♪
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against the marlins. madison bumgarner struck out ten. but kryptonite set in, in the fourth. got tom of the 5th inning now. brandon crawford singled in a run. cuts the lead to 3-1. they are still in it. then miami just cracked it open. big a. donovan solano down the right field line. two-run score. the marlins go onto win it a final of 6-2 with the giants have now lost three of four. oasis of the familiar space needle. already 1-0. logan morris. off semyon. the throw home gets away. it was that kind of a night for the as . now 3-1. brent lowrie. nice stop. two runs scored. oakland committed four errors in the game. the mariners won 7-2. the as
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have lost four straight. oh t heartland. we are in kansas. the racetrack. yeah. nascar stop. jimmy johnson led over ten laps. kevin harvick couldn't close. this is called the sponge bob squarepants 500. i have seen too many
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>> we have just enough time the show you the headline from 70 years ago. the san francisco examiner of the war being over. the headline was just three weeks before was that fdr did not live to see the end
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oh, man. that was intense. i need some fluids. i must have been down a quart. guess that makes you up a quart, huh? hey. you know what would be good right now? a pudding cup. (sobbing) um... you have a bad experience with pudding? what are we doing, charlie? well, you're crying, and my best guess is i'm about to apologize for something. every time i come over it's the same routine. we have chinese takeout, then we have sex then we roll over and go to sleep. which is why i suggested the pudding.


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